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As a joint parent company, BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT -Aktiengesellschaft von 1877-, Bremen and BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG, Bremen issue voluntary consolidated financial statements and have for several years already integrated a non-financial group report (NFR) with the information required under the CSR Directive Implementation Act into their sustainability reporting. The Sustainability Report 2021 was prepared in accordance with the GRI standards (Core option).

The table opposite gives an overview of the contents of the non-financial reporting and the allocation of the reporting aspects determined in accordance with the materiality principle (pursuant to Section 315 c, German Commercial Code – HGB).

The Group non-financial report deals with the contents defined as essential by the CSR Directive Implementation Act for the fully consolidated BLG companies. Responsibility for the CONTAINER Division lies with the joint venture EUROGATE, which controls the topics relevant for CSR separately from BLG LOGISTICS. Therefore, contents of the non-financial report for the EUROGATE company accounted for using the equity method are shown separately in the EUROGATE section.

Components of the NFR Relevant contents Page number
Sustainability Report
Business model Brief description of the business model of BLG LOGISTICS 7 to 9
Sustainability management Accountabilities (control and authorizations) 12 to 13
Materiality analysis Selection of relevant contents of the report 18 to 19
Risk management Statement of the main risks relevant to CSR 20
Environmental topics Climate protection 24 to 28
Energy management 29 to 31
Employee topics Fair working conditions and human rights 36 to 38
Training and education 39 to 40
Occupational health and safety management 41 to 43
Respect for human rights Fair working conditions and human rights 36 to 38
Compliance 50 to 52
Anti-corruption and anti-bribery Compliance 50 to 52
Social topics The materiality analysis did not identify any issues that are significant in the sense of the CSR Directive Implementation Act. Therefore, social topics are not part of the NFR.

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