Reporting 2021


Dear readers,

The year 2021 continued to test our strength, both as a company and as a society. While the pandemic still had us socially and economically firmly in its grip, familiar and new challenges continued to increase. For example, the flood disaster in our own country with its devastating consequences made us painfully aware of the effects of climate change and the need to act now and tackle the issues at hand. But if we really want to make a difference, we need to join forces, especially with regard to sustainability efforts.

Because only by pulling together can we meet the ecological challenges and help achieve international climate goals. Only together, if everyone pitches in, can we make a difference on a social level. And only together as a team can we develop innovative solutions and ensure long-term economic success. We want to master challenges together and are therefore placing this year’s annual reporting under precisely this motto.

On the following pages and also under, we explain which focus topics we advanced last year, where we stand on the path to climate neutrality and what goals we have set ourselves for the future. Go online and discover with the help of selected success stories how our actions contribute toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are just some examples of how each of us individually can contribute to the bigger picture.

“Together” is and remains the key to success.

Jakub Piotrowski

Head of Sustainability, Digitalization and IT

Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

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