Reporting 2021
Environmental SDGs

Our Environmental Responsibility

Many services provided by the logistics industry – from transport, the operation of logistics facilities to the handling of complex intralogistics processes – require energy and thus produce emissions. Despite all our efforts, this will only change to a limited extent in the short term. Due to the nature of our business activities, we are therefore all the more aware of our responsibility toward the environment and want to leverage our scope for action to the maximum. As part of our MISSION CLIMATE initiative, we will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And where we cannot avoid emissions entirely, we offset them by investing in carefully selected climate protection projects. Our goal is to become climate-neutral by 2030 and in doing so make a sustainable contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement and play our part in limiting global warming.

On the following pages, we describe our goals, measures and the status quo in our prioritized fields of climate protection and energy management, and include for the first time in this report the area of resource conservation and waste management. This is because we believe using resources in an environmentally compatible way is also a key element of sustainable corporate management. We aim to meet this objective through avoidance and reduction of waste as well as through targeted recycling strategies. We were able to achieve a number of successes in the reporting year with regard to enhancing energy efficiency, such as the LED retrofits of additional areas at our sites. Particularly when designing new sites, we are increasingly taking these aspects into account, together with the issue of biodiversity, as the planning for the C3 in Bremen currently testifies.

And because environmental sustainability not only concerns our own actions, we are continuing to make sure our standards are applied along the entire supply chain. An important part of this is our new Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which came into force in the reporting year.

Environmental SDGs

Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

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