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Acting respons­ibly

Dear readers,

For BLG LOGISTICS, the past year was characterized in equal measure by adaptation to changed conditions, ongoing global challenges and the certainty that we can only shape the logistics of tomorrow together. Together within the company, but also beyond. Alliances, sharing knowledge and targeted collaboration – of this I am firmly convinced – will continue to gain in importance to the mutual benefit of us all. Because we as the BLG Group, as the logistics industry and not least as a society are facing a variety of familiar but also new challenges.

Contrary to what many of us had originally hoped, the coronavirus pandemic is still not over after two years. As a company – especially thanks to our employees’ willingness to embrace change – many things in this context have meanwhile become routine. However, the shortage of parts, particularly in industrial logistics and the automotive sector, slowed down the pace of the economic recovery that had picked up from the second half of the year. Although our highly diversified operations ensured that we nevertheless closed 2021 with good earnings, we continue to anticipate – as does the economy as a whole – strains on global supply chains. However, these adverse effects currently pale to insignificance when we look to Eastern Europe.

The current situation notwithstanding, we are pursuing our sustainability strategy and our commitment to climate neutrality by 2030 and continue to make good progress in this area. We have long ceased to discuss sustainability in a vacuum, but rather champion it as a basic prerequisite that is firmly linked to our aspiration to be a logistics service provider that is fit for the future in every respect. Central to our agenda in this context are concepts for sustainable logistics real estate that make a difference for our customers, for the people who work there and for the climate. With C3 Bremen, such a lighthouse project is currently being built that will set standards in terms of intelligent intralogistics and digitalization, but also as regards the environment and workplace comfort. It is nothing less than a blueprint for how we want to live logistics in the future.

We are tackling all these issues full of energy and passion. And above all: together.

Cordially yours,

Signature Frank Dreeke

Frank Dreeke
Chairman of the Board of Management

“We are unwaveringly pursuing our sustainability strategy and our commitment to climate neutrality by 2030.”

Frank Dreeke

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