Reporting 2021
Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production

We want to establish and reinforce sustainable business practices within our own company and also along the entire supply chain. In close collaboration with our customers and partners, we design holistic concepts to conserve resources, reduce waste and reorganize the accompanying processes.

UN goal

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

SDG 12

Implementation at BLG

Through targeted projects, investments and partnerships, we want to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges and thus make a contribution to a sustainable future. The courage to constantly question and further optimize standardized and well-established processes is crucial.

100 %
Recycling Styrofoam packaging results in
200 tons
less waste per year at the site.
SDG 12-2

An example of this is the recycling project that the US colleagues are implementing at the Supplier Logistics Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There we store, transport and process lithium-ion batteries for suppliers to the automotive industry. These are manufactured in Europe and shipped to the USA in transport-safe disposable polystyrene packaging. When they arrive, the batteries are fitted with reusable packaging for onward transport and final delivery while the original packaging is normally discarded. This practice is not only expensive, but also harmful to the environment and climate.

Two good reasons to look for new options: The investment in a compaction plant now allows us to first break up the Styrofoam, which was previously separated from the other components of the single-use packaging, and then process it into solid blocks. A company from Oakland, Tennessee purchases the compacted packaging material and uses it to produce polystyrene products for various industries and applications. In this way, we return the original one-way packaging back into the cycle. Recycling the packaging at 100 percent saves more than 200 tons of waste every year as well as the cost to transport it the landfill. With this project we were not only able to reduce our environmental impact, but also reduced our costs.