Reporting 2021
Climate Action

Climate Action

By 2030, we aim to have reduced our own greenhouse gas emissions measured in absolute terms against 2018 by at least 30 percent. Over the same period, we want to achieve a 15 percent cut along our supply chain. Supplementary carbon emission offsets will also enable us to become a climate-neutral company by 2030.

UN goal

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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Implementation at BLG

In order to achieve the 15 percent reduction target for our supply chain, we are addressing a number of different areas. One of these is our employees’ commuting behavior – because the emissions generated on their way to and from work also contribute to our climate footprint as part of Scope 3. To find out how high the greenhouse gas emissions are and how we can create incentives for climate-friendly commuting, we conducted an anonymous survey for the second time at the German sites in the reporting year. This time around, we received more than 1,100 responses, representing an increase in the number of participants of approximately 15 percent compared to 2020.

15 %
lower emissions along our supply chain by 2030.
30 %
reduction of our own greenhouse gas emissions measured in absolute terms against 2018.
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The survey revealed that while eco-friendly commuting has high relevance for our workforce, at the same time 90 percent of the annual commute of 85.1 million km is made by car or motorcycle. This corresponds to 97 percent of the total emissions of almost 12,000 metric tons of CO2e. One reason may be distance, with the average BLG employee traveling over 23 km each way. On the positive side, 7 percent of employees already carpool to work and a further 23 percent could imagine doing so. As an employer, we can help here, for example by providing digital solutions to facilitate the organization of carpools.

More than 300 respondents also shared suggestions or requests – ranging from covered bicycle stands and optimized public transport links to charging stations for e-cars. We are continuing to pursue these ideas and will, among other things, take advantage of public funding for the expansion of charging infrastructure and renew our dialog with the transport companies. Through these and other measures, we are aiming to reduce our emissions from commuting by 10 percent per capita over the next three years.