Reporting 2021
Good health and well-being


We actively support our employees to stay healthy, with a focus on prevention. Where this is not enough, we offer individual options for reintegration into the workplace.

UN goal

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.


Implementation at BLG

Around ten million people in Germany suffer from diabetes – that’s one in eight of us. In just under one third of cases, the disease remains undetected for a long time, and this gradual progression can lead to serious long-term effects. Since education and prevention are extremely important in this context, our colleagues at BLG Handelslogistik in Bremen decided to organize a special health day aimed at raising awareness of the disease.

participants took advantage of BLG Handelslogistik’s health day in Bremen.
SDG 3-2

In mid-October, we therefore repurposed a room at the high-bay warehouse site for a comprehensive health check. Participants received valuable information on the links between diet and diabetes and the positive influence of exercise – combined with helpful lifestyle tips. We also offered concrete early diagnosis medical examinations directly on site. Our employees were able to complete a questionnaire to assess their risk of developing the disease, check their long-term blood glucose levels, and have their body fat and muscle percentage determined using electrodes. All results were then discussed with the company doctor, who was also present. The offering was rounded off with a flu vaccination for all those who wanted one. A total of 45 employees took part in the health day. The on-site team intends to build on this success again next year.