Reporting 2021
Gender equality


We are committed to promoting more women into management positions. With special programs such as Women in Management, we aim to further increase the proportion of women.

UN goal

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Program "women in leading positions" with participants

Implementation at BLG

With three male and three female members, our Board of Management is composed of an equal number of men and women – and we have also formulated concrete targets for the proportion of women on other management levels. Based on the same conviction, we are doing a great deal to empower and encourage even more of our female employees to take on a leadership role at BLG LOGISTICS. An important part of this equal opportunities qualification drive is the Women in Management program, which is currently in its second edition: In the period to June 2022, twelve female participants are attending a series of seminars on topics such as self-marketing, personality-specific leadership and personality development. In the first round, 16 female colleagues successfully completed the program. The initiative, which is lead managed by our Labor Relations Director Ulrike Riedel, has proved very popular.

“I think it’s a good thing that this program supports BLG women and increases the visibility of women in the company. In this way, we also show younger female colleagues what possibilities they have at BLG.”

Kirsten Krüger, Head of Personnel Development

The program focuses on harnessing the potential of female managers through the support and guidance of experienced managers acting as mentors. To us it is important that this should be a partnership of equals and that both tandem partners have the opportunity to see problems, questions and also the outlook on the company and its development from the perspective of the other. This mutually beneficial form of exchange and dialog contributes to establishing a strong network within the company.