Reporting 2021
Affordable and clean energy

Affordable and clean energy

Energy management is a central lever for dovetailing economic and environmental effects. In addition to improving energy efficiency, we are also increasingly focusing our climate protection activities on the integration of energy from renewable sources.

UN goal

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

Parking lot near a dam

Implementation at BLG

Don’t stand still, rethink tried-and-tested assumptions and continuously improve. This is our motto in our quest to make logistics as sustainable as possible. Here, in addition to transportation by road and rail, we are focusing especially on the logistics centers that we operate ourselves or for our customers. A new logistics facility for BLG Industrielogistik, C3 Bremen, is currently being built that will set ecological benchmarks.

Planned: Photovoltaic system on a roof area.
BlG location

“C3” stands for customer, climate and comfort. The concept for the building places equal emphasis on the needs of our customers, protecting the climate and providing comfortable working conditions for our employees. One of the most effective stepping-stones in realizing our environmental ambitions is the photovoltaic system being installed across the entire 80,000 square-meter roof area of the building. This would currently be the largest contiguous rooftop installation in Germany with an installed capacity of 10 MWp. We will utilize the solar power generated by the system directly on site to cover the C3’s energy requirement, making the facility CO2 neutral, or even climate positive, so that the facility will achieve a carbon-neutral or even climate-positive CO2 balance under operating conditions. We also intend to collect any electricity that is surplus to requirements for utilization at other sites in Germany via power purchase agreements.

A holistic energy concept for heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting and cooling, together with improved insulation of the building envelope, will ensure the efficient use of energy. Other elements such as a 60 cubic meter rainwater cistern for watering the outdoor area, wildflower meadows, bug hotels and separate areas for bee colonies will round out the C3’s environmental profile, for which we are striving to achieve a Platinum Sustainable Building Certificate from the DGNB. The new logistics center is thus not only an important pillar of our climate strategy, but also a blueprint for further projects in the future.