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Decent work and economic growth

Decent work and economic growth

Our employees are crucial to our success. Therefore, we offer them secure and attractive jobs with fair wages and practiced codetermination.

UN goal

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Employee BLG

Implementation at BLG

In our society, employing people with disabilities in jobs that are subject to social insurance contributions is unfortunately still far too rare. The vast majority continue to be employed in institutions for the disabled and non-profit organizations, where in many cases they feel underchallenged and are often unable to work in their desired occupation. To enable them to move into the primary labor market, what is needed are companies that grant them real opportunities.

“Our team here is already totally diverse. It goes without saying that people with disabilities should be a part of it, too.”

Mustafa Cakin
Parking lot

This was also the experience of Marcel Schwanemann. The 30-year-old lives with a mental disability, as a result of which he worked in a sheltered area of the Elbe-Weser Werkstätten in Bremerhaven. However, his passion for vehicles and the dream of working at a car terminal motivated him to try a change of job and perspective. With the support of Elbe-Weser Welten and the representative body for the severely disabled at the AutoTerminal Bremerhaven, Marcel was able to complete an initial three-month internship with us. His supervisor, Mustafa Cakin, immediately integrated him into the team and supported him in settling into the job both professionally and socially, which he also succeeded in doing. The internship was followed by a 12-month outsourced employment contract and then, in May, a long-awaited permanent position. Marcel and the enthusiasm he brings to the job every day are real assets for our team and an excellent example of inclusive cooperation. Thanks to his motivation and commitment, he was not only able to ultimately fulfill his career aspirations, but even moved into the first apartment of his own and is now more independent than ever.