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Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Recognition, appreciation, and consideration of differences are important pillars of our corporate culture. We value diversity and offer them equal opportunities on all levels.

We are proud of the fact that we employ people from more than 60 nations. They each bring different backgrounds, experiences and skills to the table, as well as new perspectives on existing processes. We therefore understand diversity as a strength that we are keen to actively promote. It is important to us that each and every employee, regardless of age, gender, origin, sexual orientation or skills, is equally valued and given the same opportunities to grow in our company. We focus development on individual strengths and potential. Because we work with the people behind the job titles.

Age structure and gender distribution according to employee category

Basis: Germany 10,107 employees (status as of 12/31/2021)

White-collar employees Shares in age groups
in %
of which male
in %
of which female
in %
< 30 years 19 60 40
30–50 years 52 59 41
> 50 years 29 65 35
Blue-collar workers
< 30 years 11 71 29
30–50 years 51 78 22
> 50 years 38 76 24

An open corporate culture for a strong team spirit

The management and strategic development of diversity within BLG LOGISTICS is a central task of our Human Resources department. Our HR colleagues are available to advise both the Board of Management and the workforce on issues relating to diversity. In addition, once a year they prepare a diversity management scorecard for the Board of Management and Supervisory Board.

The basis for all activities in this area is our in-house diversity concept, which covers the entire workforce without exception and sets the tone for our corporate and leadership culture. This constitutes the key success factor in our day-to-day interactions and is based on our Code of Conduct, various in-house agreements and our commitment to the Charter of Diversity. The latter comprises a number of principles that German companies are committed to adhering to in terms of promoting diversity at the workplace, and which BLG signed back in 2016.

As an integral part of our corporate values and management principles, it is our aim to carry the diversity concept across all levels and use it as a basis for our decisions, for example on recruiting and training measures. The success of this approach is demonstrated by our “Leader in Diversity 2022” award, conferred by the Financial Times and Statista. The award was based on a Europe-wide study that asked around 100,000 employees and HR specialists to rate and assess important diversity criteria and subsequently rated companies by calculating a final score.

Since 2016, we have also been a member of the awards association Trägergemeinschaft Bremer Diversity Preis. In this role, we help develop the underlying approaches, strategies and activities behind the award and advocate diversity beyond our corporate boundaries. We are jointly responsible for the conceptual and financial aspects of the award. In 2017, we were an award winner ourselves.

Integration through individual support

In our understanding, integration is always individual and tailored according to needs. With this in mind, we also gear the necessary support to the different circumstances of the respective target groups. Part-time training models that give young parents or people caring for their relatives the flexibility they need to combine work and professional life are just one example of this. In addition, we offer employees who are not so proficient in German in-house language courses to give them the basic skills they need to do their job and to communicate with their superiors and colleagues right from the start. To recruit new talent for our team and at the same time give young people long-term career prospects, we support young adults and refugees in gaining access to the labor market by offering them internships, entry-level qualifications and apprenticeships, for example through our “Training through Work” program.

As part of our Women in Management program, we harness the potential of female managers with the help of various seminars and enable them to work with experienced managers as tandem partners.

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Increasing the proportion of women in management positions

Women are still underrepresented in the logistics industry. We want to change this by actively championing more women both in day-to-day operations and in management positions. Our initiatives and development programs are therefore aimed specifically at all genders. These start with vocational training and continue with a management trainee program for university graduates. The aim behind this is to enable our female employees to gain management experience at an early stage so that they can take up appropriate management positions in the short term.

Our top management is setting a good example: With Ulrike Riedel, Christine Hein and Andrea Eck, three strong women have served on our six-member Board of Management since 2020. This puts BLG AG in the top group of listed companies in Germany in terms of the proportion of women in senior management and supervisory board positions. This not only sends a strong signal to the outside world, but above all sets the benchmark within the company by showing female employees what they can achieve. The proportion of women in the overall workforce is 26.7 percent, a further slight increase on the previous year. We were also able to slightly increase the proportion of women on tier 0 to 3 management levels (ML) to 24.3 percent. However, again this year we were unable to achieve equal distribution within the different levels. With respect to the composition of our Supervisory Board, we comply with the statutory regulations regarding the gender quota, which must be met separately for the shareholder representatives and the employee representatives.

In the reporting year, we were able to launch a new round of the Women in Management program founded in 2017 as part of our equal opportunities qualification drive, which will continue until June 2022. The program uses a modular seminar structure to impart theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of personality-specific leadership, personality development and self-marketing, and enables interested participants to take part in a tandem exchange with an experienced manager. After 16 women completed the program in the first cohort, 12 new participants started in the reporting year.

Quota of women in management levels (ML)

Basis: Germany 10,107 employees
(status as of 12/31/2021) in %

Quota of women in management levels

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