Reporting 2021

Our Social Responsibility

We assume our social responsibility toward various stakeholder groups within numerous areas of activity. In this context, we feel a particularly strong commitment to our employees. Helping them stay healthy and ensuring safe working conditions are our top priorities. During the coronavirus pandemic we were once again acutely reminded of this responsibility. Thanks to rigorous safety concepts and a high degree of flexibility on all sides, we are continuing to master the ensuing challenges together.

It is equally important to us to be able to give our employees opportunities for personal development. We therefore offer our workforce a wide range of options that fit their very different background and qualifications. Motivated employees are given the opportunity to advance up the career ladder with us. At BLG LOGISTICS, we also give people with atypical employment histories access to qualification and training measures, which often lead to them being taken on as employees. In this context, we see equal opportunities and equal rights not just as empty promises but as a matter of course, and further promote them through a variety of projects.

As part of our social responsibility, we naturally also attach great importance to the supply chain. In this context, our Supplier Code of Conduct came into force during the reporting year, which among other things places a focus on human rights.

We are also keen to make a positive contribution to society by supporting local and global projects and initiatives, often over several years. In addition to our commitment to children and young people, sports and health protection, we are also active in the area of crisis relief.

Social SDGs

Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

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