Reporting 2021

Training and Education

We offer our employees initial and advanced training programs throughout their careers, which we tailor specifically to their qualifications as well as to their personal background and work situation.

Training and education of our employees plays an important role for us. Because it is only by attracting, promoting and retaining qualified skilled employees and young talents that we can ensure our company’s long-term success. Our central HR department therefore gives the issue top priority and, together with the Human Resources managers and training managers at the locations, is available to answer questions, make suggestions, and provide advice in conflict situations. Staff can also seek the advice of the works councils in such matters.

Promoting young talent: a win-win situation for all sides

Behind each of our services are dedicated employees who fulfill our high quality promise to our customers every day. Supporting our junior staff during their training, equipping them with the right tools from the get-go and imparting our values to them in the process benefits both them and us in equal measure. To this end, we offer 14 different apprenticeships, for example as a mechatronics engineer, professional driver or industrial clerk, as well as two dual Bachelor’s degree courses in Logistics and Information Science at the Bremen location leading to a permanent position.




In the reporting year, we filled 62 new apprenticeship places, bringing the total number of trainees across the company to 201 – 48 in technical/trade and 153 in commercial professions, which also includes qualification as a warehouse logistics specialist. In line with our company guarantee, we made all of this year’s qualified graduates an offer of employment, thus transferring 73 percent of our junior staff at the Bremen location to permanent employment contracts.

In addition, we again specifically supported 19 employees in preparing for their Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) examination and in qualifying retrospectively as warehouse logistics specialists. As in previous years, the 12-week full-time course was sponsored by the Labor Agency and proved to be a more than viable investment. All of the candidates successfully passed the exam and many were able to obtain their first formal vocational qualification. We intend to build on this success in the subsequent year by offering a course for an additional 22 employees. In response to the shortage of skilled workers, which is particularly acute in the IT sector, our HR Marketing department and the central IT department jointly launched a pilot project in the area of active sourcing. This was met with great success, so the offer was extended to all BLG functions.

Unlocking opportunities in logistics

In cooperation with the maritimes competenzcentrum (ma-co) center of excellence and the Bremen youth employment agency, we again launched a “Hanse Logistics Specialist” course at the end of 2021 with the aim of opening up vocational opportunities for the long-term unemployed in the field of logistics. Funded by continuing education vouchers, the 15 participants receive training consisting of 50 days of theoretical instruction and a 50-day practical assignment at our Bremen logistics center. Participants with a language barrier were also offered a two-week language course first. Candidates who complete the course successfully are offered a job within the company. As a general principle, in this we follow our “character comes before skills” ethos. Because we believe you don’t necessarily have to have a prior qualification to fit into our team. We support people with diverse backgrounds and in very different life situations.

We provide training and education with a focus on people and their individual needs. For people in particular life situations, for example, we offer cooperative training in our company, which is accompanied by special pedagogical support.

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Continuous and flexible skills development

The continuous investment in the development of our employees throughout their careers is as beneficial to them personally as it is to us as a company. In the reporting year, we conducted 3,696 centrally organized training days. Taking into account that there was a one-time effect in the previous year due to a duplicate exam preparation course, we were thus once again able to increase the amount of training time. In particular, we further expanded the digital learning offering in terms of content and media. At the end of the year, the established Tutorize learning management system had already registered 1,425 users and 1,700 successfully completed learning units, which were developed by the HR Development department in collaboration with subject matter experts. In 2022, we also plan to expand our e-learning for the onboarding of management staff.

In the “DigiportSkill2025” project, which was launched back in 2020 and is funded by the European Social Fund, we continue to commit to the digitalization of continuing education in the German seaport industry. However, digitalization not only changes the formats of continuing education, but also influences its content, with the result that many job profiles, including those of port workers, will have to be redefined in the future. As a contribution to actively shaping change, the “PortSkill 4.0” project was launched in December 2021 as part of the Innovative Port Technologies II (IHATEC II) development program, which aims to scientifically underpin and subsequently train the qualifications and skills port employees of the future will need in an education hub. In addition to BLG LOGISTICS, ver.di, the Central Association of German Seaport Operators (ZDS) and Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) are also involved in the project, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport and led by ma-co maritimes competenzcentrum.

Management trainees from our own ranks

Through our Junior Management Program (JMP), we recruit qualified employees from our own ranks and train them up to assume responsible roles at management level. We also offer this opportunity to external candidates. The 24-month trainee program includes various workshops on leadership, communication and conflict resolution. Since it was launched several years ago, a total of 169 managers have successfully completed the program, and 42 of them now occupy a tier 3 management position or higher. Another eight junior managers are currently enrolled in the program.

Our competence model created in 2020 serves as a reference benchmark for operational managers and is used as an important basis for evaluation in employee appraisals or the Assessment Center. Based on this model, the coordinator qualification program was launched at BLG Industrielogistik in Bremen in the fall, for which 48 employees were selected. Further programs for the various management levels will begin in 2022. We also continued our “TAKE THE LEAD” management training courses in the reporting year, parts of which were available for the first time in an e-learning format, allowing them to be flexibly integrated into daily work routines. In addition to the basic modules and the Change Management leadership workshop, two further leadership workshops are to be digitalized next year. As many as 1,300 managers have already participated in the format, 680 of them on-demand this year, also including technical managers for the first time.

Feedback as an important development tool

We hold annual employee appraisals in which individual performance is discussed according to defined criteria. This is supplemented by assessments of potential, on the basis of which we draw up tailor-made professional development plans in line with employees’ qualifications. As in the previous year, 43 percent of our employees underwent such a feedback process.

Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

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