Reporting 2020

In the fast lane

BLG LOGISTICS and SecureSystem are taking new paths to make international trade faster, simpler and safer.

With sensor-based tracking, BLG can today precisely locate a shipment and determine whether it has reached its destination on schedule.

BLG decided it would be even better to apply this knowledge to also make transport quicker. “We’ve identified the customs process as a factor with a major impact on speed in international logistics processes,” says Laura Weingarten, Project Manager for Research & Development at BLG. That’s no surprise, because customs laws, international trade deals and regulations often make customs clearance a time-consuming process. To accelerate handling, BLG launched a new digitalization project in 2020 on the route from one of the BLG logistics centers in Bremen to the USA. Together with SecureSystem, a container tech company and a leading automotive manufacturer, the innovation team is working on the new digital service FastLane. This involves fitting sensors from SecureSystem to twenty containers. The sensors log a wide range of data, including whether the container has been opened or damaged. The data is transmitted securely and in real time to the customs authority, the customer and BLG.

A sensor detects whether the container has been damaged or opened.

If the digitalization project succeeds, the data will in the future document the status of each container without any scope for doubt. If it has not been tampered with, there would be no reason for customs to inspect it. That would save precious time, and the container could continue directly over the border in the fast lane without going through customs checking.

“The goal of the digitalization project is to test the sensor and further develop it into a service pro­vided by BLG,” says Weingarten. “Maybe this will even evolve into the next innovation project in data analysis.”

Through this project, we can make global trade faster, easier and safer.

Access control

Only authorized persons can open the container with an access code.

Perfect fit

The sensor contains all the necessary electronics. It fits on every container door and can be removed after the transport.

Communication via satellite and GPS

The tracking signal is transmitted redundantly over several networks (4G LTE / 3G / 2G & Iridium satellite). That guarantees global coverage and cloud-based access.

All important data in real time

The sensor continually measures humidity, vibrations, light and dark, air pressure and acceleration. The data is transferred securely and in real time to the customs authority, the customer and BLG.