Reporting 2020


About this report

Dear readers,

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic at least made it feel as though the world was spinning a little less quickly than usual. This also had an impact on logistics processes worldwide. Why, then, have we given this year’s reports the title Clear Course: Future? Quite simply because we continue to chart a clear course even through slightly choppier waters. We remain committed to our sustainability goals and continue to believe that looking to tomorrow is essential to making the right decisions today.

What we achieved in this respect in the past year, what challenges we see, where we see potential to improve and in which areas we are concentrating our efforts – you can discover all this and more in this Sustainability Report, giving you an overview of how we meet our ecological, social and economic responsibility. In addition, with the help of selected projects, we showcase online how our actions make a small contribution every day toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have also continued to develop the format and for the first time are placing a focus on digital reporting. Under our reporting – including this Sustainability Report as well as the Financial Report and the Company Magazine 2020 – has found a new online home. Here, you can click back and forth between the contents and like this obtain a comprehensive and interactive overview of our performance and of the topics that we influence and that influence us.


Yours, Jakub Piotrowski
Head of Sustainability, Digitalization and IT