Reporting 2020

Overview of the Divisions


39% revenue share

The AUTOMOBILE Division is the leading technical and logistics service provider for the international automotive industry. BLG LOGISTICS’ AUTOMOBILE Division offers multimodal transport concepts with global logistics reach and dovetails individualized and innovative technical service packages.

    2020 2019
Revenue EUR thousand 521,377 603,734
EBT EUR thousand -8,998 19,324
EBT margin Percent -1.7 3.2
Employees Number 3,331 3,308


41% revenue share

The CONTRACT Division manages complex projects and offers its customers reliable upstream and downstream logistics solutions. BLG LOGISTICS works at our logistics centers and our customers’ production facilities and warehouses at over 40 locations in Europe and overseas.

    2020 2019
Revenue EUR thousand 552,621 563,934
EBT EUR thousand -13,891 7,436
EBT margin Percent -2.5 1.3
Employees Number 6,287 6,393


20% revenue share

EUROGATE, in which BLG LOGISTICS holds a 50 percent stake, is Europe’s leading shipping line-independent container terminal group. It operates a network of 12 container terminals, in some cases with partners, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Secondary services are also available in the form of intermodal and container-related services.

    2020 2019
Revenue EUR thousand 263,522 282,304
EBT EUR thousand -67,274 23,699
EBT margin Percent -25.5 8.4
Employees Number 1,618 1,653