Reporting 2020

Responsible consumption and production

We want to establish and reinforce sustainable business practices not only within our own company, but also along the entire supply chain. In addition to continuous dialog with our employees and partners, we also implement this goal through our internal and external policies and guidelines.

UN goal:

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Implementation at BLG

For us, sustainability is a holistic concept. Only when each player looks beyond their own company boundaries is it possible to find long-term solutions to complex challenges. For this reason, when it comes to translating our principles into actions we not only seek a continuous dialog with our customers and partners, but also integrate our entire supply chain.

Against this backdrop, we are currently completely revising and updating our internal and external policies and guidelines – including our Code of Ethics as well as our social and environmental guidelines along with the topics of Data privacy and IT security. We are also currently developing a Supplier Code of Conduct, which together with the other policies and guidelines forms the basis for strategically anchoring a holistic awareness of sustainable business practices in companies and the supply chain.

Stefan Häseker
Stefan Häseker

Head of the Legal, Compliance & Insurance Department

Mr. Häseker, as the Head of the Legal, Compliance and Insurance department, you are primarily responsible for revising the guidelines – why is all this now coming under scrutiny?

All these policies and guidelines together form the framework from which we derive the way we as a company define lawful, ethical, environmentally and socially compatible behavior. We want to position ourselves more broadly than before and clearly communicate our benchmarks not only to our own employees, but to external partners as well. We also believe it is important to extend these requirements to our supply chain and to clearly explain to our suppliers what we expect of them in terms of lawful and sustainable conduct.