Reporting 2020

Our social responsibility

We assume our social responsibility toward various stakeholder groups, as it extends to a wide variety of tasks within numerous areas of activity. It goes without saying that we feel a particularly strong commitment toward our employees. Ensuring safe working conditions and helping them stay healthy is our top priority. In this context, the coronavirus pandemic has presented us with particular challenges, which through the prompt and targeted implementation of protection concepts we are mastering better every day – also thanks in no small part to the flexibility and commitment of our employees.

It is equally important to us to be able to offer our workforce attractive opportunities that fit their very different backgrounds and qualifications. Those who want to should be able to progress and develop their skills. In line with this approach, we also give people with atypical employment histories access to qualification and training measures, which often lead to them being taken on as employees. Fairness plays a central role in all of this. We value the diversity of our employees and offer them equal opportunities.

We also want to map all of the described aspects in our supply chain and to this end are currently developing a Supplier Code of Conduct. The purpose of this is to make the fundamental human rights, to which we are wholly and without exception committed, and the requirements associated with them even more evident.

In addition, we are keen to assume an active role in society by supporting various local and global projects and initiatives, often over several years. Our commitment to crisis aid, children and young people, sports and health protection are just some areas where we are active.

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