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Reporting 2022


About this report


The year 2022 once again presented many challenges. And as if that were not enough – the developments of recent months have called fundamental certainties into doubt, while multiple parallel crises are simultaneously demanding a response. To enable us to maintain our strong position in this environment and above all respond to the new and future requirements in the area of sustainability, we have reassigned responsibilities. We have placed the central Sustainability department under new management and assigned it directly to the Finances Board of Management function.

Our resolve to engage with our stakeholders – our employees as well as partners and, of course, customers – as we continue along our chosen path remains as strong as ever. The possibilities that logistics holds in the future are demonstrated, for example, by our new C3 Bremen logistics center, which was designed with all dimensions of sustainability in mind and has now gone into operation.

This report additionally highlights those material topics in which we made especially good progress in the past year, where we stand on our path to becoming a climate-neutral company and what we have on our sustainability agenda for the near and more distant future. I invite you to go online and, with the help of selected projects and success stories, discover how our actions are contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are just some examples of how sustainability is already being practiced on various levels within the company.

But what remains pivotal in each case is that we recognize the opportunities that present themselves – and have the courage to act upon them.

Yvonne Bonventre

Head of Sustainability

Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

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