Reporting 2020

Good health and well-being

We actively support our employees to stay healthy, with a focus on prevention. Where this is not enough, we offer individual options for reintegration into the workplace.

UN goal:

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Implementation at BLG

We consider it our central responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our employees. The coronavirus pandemic has once again brought this same responsibility into focus in a whole new way. Because we are among those companies that, due to our field of activity, are not able to offer all of our employees the option of mobile working from home. This made it all the more important to protect our on-site employees and create a safe working environment for them in this exceptional situation. We introduced protective measures very early on back in February 2020, and since then have regularly adapted them to changing developments. Our hygiene concept encompasses physical measures such as distances between workstations, home-made and manufactured plexiglass screens, temperature checks in the reception areas and, of course, hand sanitizer stations. The wearing of face masks is mandatory on the entire company premises, including at workstations and in the outdoor areas. In order to minimize contact during shift changes, we have also rearranged the start and end times slightly and introduced a route concept.

This package of measures, which in some cases goes well beyond the general coronavirus regulations, is supplemented by regular training. In this way, we want to get all of our employees on board, educate them and give them the opportunity to ask questions. Because we are well aware that, while necessary for their protection, these measures also mean a significant departure from their normal everyday working life.

Ruediger Krause
Ruediger Krause

Team Leader at the Logistics Center in Bremen

Mr. Krause, you work as a team leader on the shop floor at the Bremen retail logistics site. Your job is among those that even in coronavirus times can’t be done from home. Did you find it easy to integrate the coronavirus safety measures into your usual processes and do you and your co-workers feel safe and well protected?

Overall, we were able to implement the measures here in the LC-LE quickly and without any problems. The whole team really pulled together. The process management team also gave us a lot of support, for example by offering targeted training in the various protective measures. Do we feel completely protected? Well, that’s one of those things with the coronavirus – but if we stick to the rules, then we’ve already come a long way to keeping everybody safe.