Reporting 2020

Gender equality

We are committed to promoting more women into management positions. With special programs such as Women in Management, we aim to further increase the proportion of women.

UN goal:

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


Implementation at BLG

The logistics industry is traditionally very male dominated. But because we see diversity as an enrichment in every respect, there is absolutely no justification why this should be taken as a given. For this reason, we have for many years been offering special programs and measures aimed at preparing women in our company to assume leadership roles – and then inviting them to do so. This is paying off: Currently, the proportion of women at management levels 0 to 3 is 23.3 percent.

It is also very important to us in this context that our top management leads by example. Following Andrea Eck, who heads up the AUTOMOBILE Division, and Industrial Relations Director Ulrike Riedel, Christine Hein was appointed to the Board of Management at the end of 2020 as our new CFO. This makes us one of the few listed companies in Germany to have equal representation of men and women on its Board.

Christine Hein
Christine Hein

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Hein, what goal did you have when you took up your position as the third woman on our Board of Management?

First and foremost, as a member of the Board of Management, I want to continue to drive the company forward with my commercial and financial expertise and experience. But of course, from the perspective of gender equality, I am also pleased that with my joining, the Board now has a men to women ratio of 50:50. This is one way of showing that we see it as perfectly normal for women to have the opportunity to take on and help shape leadership roles. In the few months I’ve been with BLG, I’ve already become familiar with many great projects designed to give employees, regardless of their gender, leadership opportunities and prepare them to take on corresponding tasks. And then there are, of course, also programs that specifically promote women in management. What’s important to me is that we are mindful of equal opportunity in other contexts, too. I’m convinced that mixed teams are more successful and that this often also promotes aspects such as creativity and a positive working atmosphere.