Reporting 2020

Decent work and economic growth

Our employees are crucial to our success. Therefore we offer them secure and attractive jobs with fair wages and practiced codetermination.

UN goal:

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.


Implementation at BLG

Many of our employees spend a large part of the day in professional work clothing. It is therefore all the more important that this “fits” in every respect. First and foremost, wearing comfort is of particular importance: Good cuts with an individual fit, skin-friendly, breathable and at the same time robust fabrics as well as practical extras, for example pockets, make all the difference and have a great influence on well-being at work.

Also at the request of our employees, we therefore looked for a new outfitter last year, which we found in the German family-owned company engelbert strauss. In addition to the high quality, we were also convinced by the extensive social standards that engelbert strauss applies in production. Over the coming months we will be successively switching to the new work clothing, so the new models will be introduced at the locations soon. For us it goes without saying that temporary agency workers receive the same high-quality clothing as their colleagues in permanent employment.

Nicola Meinken
Nicola Meinken

Human Resources Manager

Nicola, you managed the project to select the new uniform workwear; what tipped the scales in favor of engelbert strauss as the new outfitter?

First and foremost the positive experiences of our colleagues. For those at the Schlüchtern location, for example, the clothing isn’t “new” at all, but has been part of the equation from the very beginning – because at this site we handle Europe-wide logistics for engelbert strauss. Others wear the clothes privately and have also reported good things. We also wear-tested the clothes first and got positive feedback across the board. This was incredibly important to us because, after all, we want our employees to feel comfortable in their workwear. Another welcome feature is the gender-specific fit that engelbert strauss offers for many items of clothing. Because in our industry, women in particular all too often still have to put up with clothing that is not actually designed for them.